For customers that need an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) but do not have their own design team, we can create an ASIC design “from scratch”.Our approach helps to deliver an optimal product in terms of performance, power efficiency and production cost.

Our professional team will do all required steps:

Gather and analyze customer’s technical requirements, production targets, time and budget constraints, suggest best matching design options and tradeoffs.

Outline an architectural solution,subsequently refine and elaborate it into detailed specification, according to customer’s feedback.

Implement the high-level specification all the way down to function blocks, logic gates, layout, conducting appropriate verification on each stage before moving to the next step.Do all required validation checks, perform the tapeout.

Prepare on wafer testing of produced silicon. Run comprehensive post-silicon validation of packaged chips, develop fixes or find software workarounds for detected bugs.

Control the quality of manufactured chips, reduce productioncost and shipment cost.

Develop low-level software.

We keep tight contact with the customer during all stages of the project lifecycle, to ensure that all specifications and constraints are met.